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    Theresa Mancini

    My father’s brother was named wladyslaw Krzeminski.

    My father Joseph Krzeminski was born 1885 and had a younger brother Wladyslaw, possibly the father of Wladyslaw.

    This name is so difficult to research but I have many documents to help if we find a connection.

    My Krzeminski family Joseph b 1882 married Constance b 1892 in Province of Wolyn on November 1910.. They were both Polish Roman Catholic. Now this part of Wolyn is in Ukraine, Rowno district. I have stories of all villages and towns and have located all on maps, but Joseph and Constance and two sons arrived in USA in 1913, leaving behind all their family . Names you gave and town of Jezierzany are not familiar. How can I research from USA, this widely used name. Even the priests that married them
    were named Krzeminski. Help!!! and Thank you.

    Teresa Krzeminski


Lista 1 ogłoszeń (z 1 łącznie)
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