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    Zbieram informacje o moim dziadku Marianie lub Jerzym Konstantynowiczu ur. 1898 we wsi szlacheckiej Mieżonka w powiecie ihumeńskim w gubernii mińskiej, Białoruś. Dziękuję za wszelkie informacje o Konstantynowiczach z parafii Berazino lub Berezyna. Bardzo dziękuję i pozdrawiam. Bogdan Konstantynowicz z Łodzi.

    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    I concluded in my genealogical search (since 1993) that among families of KONSTANTYNOWICZ who live in Poland are two separate groups. Our ancestry of Konstantynowicz derive from belorussian family (Senko Czyzewicz and his son Konstanty Czyz) CZYZ, who (retaining arms of FOX proper) moved out to the MINSK province.

    Just after 1667 they partly moved house on the EAST BELARUS’ (to the MSCISLAU province) near to KRYCAU = Kritschew (we had eight hundred peasants here), MSCISLAU = Mstislawl and in the region northwards from MSCISLAU (Samava, Kopceuka, Niesterevo – Berezetnianski estate), where them estate Swedes looted A.D. 1708. The family of Konstantynowicz from eastern BELARUS (near to Krycau – Antoni Konstantynowicz was born c. 1833, Mscislau, Samava) is my ancestors. 1772 after the 1st Partition of POLAND this territory was already in Russia, as Government of Mahileu, I am afraid. They partly have moved out to the east MINSK government to the BERAZINO PARISH after circa 1840/1842 that is to say in villages BOROVINA and MIEZONKA (the village is situated 28 kilometres south – east from Berazino = Beresino).
    I SEARCH FOR ALL INFORMATION ABOUT THE VILLAGE MIEZONKA where my grandfather was born on 23 April 1898 either 1897 or 23 April 1900; for the present Belarus’, Bjalynicy region in Mahileu oblast; here lived Antoni and his son Stanislav; named Stanislav Konstantynowicz from Miezonka and Anna nee Malkiewicz are parents of my grandfather; my great – grandmother Anna nee Malkiewicz came from (Werchnedwinsk =) Dryssa ujezd (Asveja) in the Government of Vicebsk; she was near akin to family FILIPOWICZ; family of my grandfather had next of kin Georgians. MIEZONKA WAS SITUATED IN THE GOVERNMENT OF MINSK, DISTRICT OF IHUMEN OR CERVEN, PARISH BERAZINO OR BERESINO, REGION POHOST, PRECINCT BERAZINO, NEAR VILLAGE DULEBO AND LUBOSZANY.

    I AM LOOKING FOR ALL INFORMATION ABOUT MY GRANDFATHER MARIAN (MARIANNE OR MARION) OR JERZY (GEORGE OR GEORDIE, GEORGY, GEORGIE) KONSTANTYNOWICZ AND ABOUT HIS FAMILY KONSTANTYNOWICZ FROM THE PARISH OF BERAZINO (either BERESINO or Berezyna). I don’t know unconditionally what name had my grandfather: either Marian or Jerzy. I don’t know unconditionally what date of birth he used: 23 April 1898 either 1897 or 23 April 1900. He was born in Miezonka (parish of Berazino) on the eastern government of Minsk (Belarus now) certainly. My grandfather was professional soldier; he learned in the secondary school in Mahileu, real school in PARNU = Pernau (Estonia present) and Naval Corps (School of Navigation Officer) in St. Petersburg (1912 – 1916) and served (1917) in Kronstadt Stronghold (Bureau of Naval Transport – in a navigation ensign capacity); he carried out duties of courier (Minsk, Babrujsk, Barysau) for the Polish Women Circles; after in the Civil Guard of Minsk Government and Government of Mahileu. 1918 – 1947 he was professional officer in intelligence service of Polish Army (04 December 1918 he owned document in Marian Konstantynowicz name but he wasn’t this person surely); military oath in Vilna on December 29th, 1918 during defense of the town against Soviet troops; the 77th Kovno Regiment after.
    I BELIEVE MY GRANDFATHER TO BE THE COLONEL SIEDLECKI, high officer of intelligence service who wasn’t linear commandant of infantry. On 19 September 1939 he commanded and organized troops at the Zawiasy station in the province of Wilno, afterward on 20 September 1939 he was in command defence of Grodno (Hrodna) against Russians, and on 21 September he made his way to Lithuanian border. This is only Polish chief of large town defence in the war of 1939 during battle with German and Soviet army of whom must not to talk aloud at present. You must not touch it! You must not to publish his valour! The figure of colonel Siedlecki surely can to identify in personal and individual features, what my grandfather had: short increase (is 160 cm tall), scar under right knee and A – group of blood. According to me the „colonel Siedlecki” of 1939 and my grandfather Marian or Jerzy Konstantynowicz that is identical and equal person – the historical figure. I believe that I am right;
    1941 – MAY 1947 ARMY OF GENERAL ANDERS; 1947 – 1948 EMIGRE IN ARGENTINE; I think he lived in Mexico (?) and Canada, too; I don’t know where he died; he had pseudonym „Stankiewicz”. His particular personal signs: his blood – group: A, scar under right knee, he was 160 (only) cm tall. I wish for finding where my grandfather Marian or Jerzy Konstantynowicz has gone from Argentine Republic in 1948. The fact that he lived in LA PLATA in 1947 – 1948 that goes without saying. La Plata is the capital of the Buenos Aires province. What afterwards? I believe that he has left for CANADA. Did he go for BOLIVIA or MEXICO in 1948 or then? I don’t think so! He had relatives in Canada, the Manitoba province (Winnipeg) and the Saskatchewan (Buchanan) province. That is why in search of traces of my grandfather I lead myself to Internet.

    I AM LOOKING FOR ALL PERSONS WITH SURNAME KONSTANTYNOWICZ, whose ancestors (XIX and at the beginning of XX cent.) are from: 1. BELARUS’: Governments of Minsk, Vicebsk (Vitebsk) and Mahileu (Mogilev by the river Dniepr); 2. RUSSIA:
    Government of Smolensk; 3. LATVIA (Livland): Government of Vicebsk.
    The author is greatly indebted to all those who kindly supplied information. I would like that you write back (English, Russian, Polish languages)


    Hello Bogdan, I hope you are doing well.
    Do you know something about other group which were located nearby border around Zydowskie – Sanok ?

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