Czerwinski-Dorofeev Family

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    my name is Nadejda Cervinscaia and I was born in Moldova, I am looking for the provenience of my family, it is coming from Western Ukraine.
    My great-grandpa was born in Volhynia (see doc below). With the help of your website I found out that there was many Czerwinski families in this region. Do you have some information about these people? My great-grandpa was a forester, ad gave birth to Konstantin Czerwinski in Kirovograd region, village Alexandria on 04/07/1924.

    Metric book I of 1890

    Czerwinki Pawel was born on 28/01/1890, certified by the note in the book of births made on 09/02/1890.

    His parents are Ukrainian: Alexander Czerwinski (whose father is Bazyl Czerwinski) and mother Maria Czerwinska (whose father is Jakob Dorofeev).

    Signed by the priest Alexander Czerwinski of the Preorazhenskaya Church of village Bazalia, Starokostiantyniv of Volhyni region.

    14/02/1950 Certified by the secretary of Zabolot鈥 Regional Committee

Lista 1 og艂osze艅 (z 1 艂膮cznie)
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